Psychic Development 1 – Introduction to Intuitive Studies

This course introduces the learner to the foundations of developing the intuitive and psychic abilities of your mind.

Psychic ability is not for the chosen few! We all have untapped abilities. Developing them is a natural process. Participants will learn what it means to be psychic beyond just being “intuitively aware” and will develop an understanding of the difference between imagined information and information from the psychic self. Topics will include a review of prominent figures in the historical development of psychic work and an exploration of current philosophies regarding psychic ability. Students will share the quest for learning as they venture into a discovery of the unlimited possibilities in cultivating their psychic awareness with similarly motivated classmates.

Prerequisite: None

Registration fee: $400

Next Session begins Monday, February 27 and meets from 6 – 8 PM for 8 weeks.