Psychic Track

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic abilities?

Many people experience heightened perception or a knowing about events, people or situations. Perhaps you have feelings of “just knowing” information about specific people, receive messages through your inner voice, see things in your “mind’s eye,” or dream about events that later occur. Do people describe you as highly emotional, too sensitive or overly energetic? Are you naturally sensitive toward others? If any of these descriptions fit you, the Psychic Track is your first step toward uncovering and understanding your psychic self.

Psychic Track Course Descriptions…

The Psychic Track is open to anyone intrigued by the idea of psychic abilities or interested in developing their own gifts. It is a progressive, practical series for anyone who wishes to learn about the inner communication system and develop awareness beyond the physical senses. Through this series of interactive courses, participants will learn to enhance their psychic abilities, apply them in their lives and develop a greater degree of inner peace and connectedness.

There are four different 8-week courses in the Psychic Development Curriculum:

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