M8 – Walking in the Power of Mediumship – Putting it all together, with confidence!

Are you ready to reach higher levels of spiritual connectedness and raise your mediumship to new levels?

Many times, what sets us back from achieving our potential is our own mindset — psychological blocks like low self-esteem, low confidence or lack of energy. Learn to set aside limiting thoughts, move past your self-imposed barriers and grow into a mindset that allows you use your soul’s guidance in all areas of your life. You will learn strategies to build and increase confidence and follow your inner wisdom to move you forward on your way toward trusting who you really are and visualizing who you can become. Topics covered will include self-evaluation, removing the blocks that hold us back, raising our vibration and energy power, and stay focused to truly own your place as a healer. Learn the importance of continuously monitoring and controlling our thoughts and self-language and how these powerful messages can and do affect our abilities. We’ll help you develop a higher sense of inner worth and value and empower you as you take the next step on the path you were intended to walk to serve humanity, the greater good, and heal others.