M7 – Working with Spirit Guides

Mediums are not alone on their journeys – we all have Spirit Guides who help us connect from our human lives to the Spirit World.

This seminar will help participants learn about their Spirit Guides — who they are, how they can be identified, and how this higher power can connect with us for a deeper understanding of life. What messages might your Guides have for you? Instructors will share the value of knowing and trusting our Guides as they teach, guide, create, heal and support us through our journeys on earth. Through individual and interactive exercises, participants will learn the important role of meditation in reaching Spirit Guides and strategies to improve and enhance meditation practices for increased success. Learn the different roles Guides can have in our lives, why we have them and how they can assist us in spiritual growth and continuing our mediumistic development. Join us as we work together to attune ourselves more closely with Spirit and immerse ourselves in developing a trusting relationship with out Spirit Guides.