M6 – The Responsible Medium

Mediumship carries great responsibility, and it is critically important for every Medium to understand and be ever-mindful of the ethics and best practices of responsible mediumship.

We are responsible to the sitters seeking comfort in communication with loved ones, to ourselves as a conduit for communication, and most importantly, to the Spirit World, as we are the way their gifts are shared in the human world. This seminar will cover the critical components of ethically sound practice of mediumship. Participants will learn the critical importance of strength of character and the mindset needed to deal with pressure to produce evidence. Topics covered will include understanding the importance of confidentiality, strategies to produce real evidence, how to remain detached, and ways to ensure the information shared is beneficial. We’ll help you learn the techniques needed to improve your overall presentation, and how to ensure the best interests of sitters are always at the forefront of your practice.