M5 – The Power of Teamwork – Connection with Souls

Mediums, you are not working alone!

The beauty of mediumship is the powerful communication that is shared from the Spirit World to our human world. To allow this to happen, there must be a strong link between the Spirit communicator and the sitter, through you, the Medium. This seminar is all about the cooperative effort of mediumship and understanding that you are a means for Spirit communication, an instrument by which this communication is achieved. Working with others on the same path, you will learn in depth about the relationship Mediums have with Spirit communicators, how to identify their emotions and feelings and why it is important to understand this powerful connection. You’ll learn how to tap into your Spirit Guides to assist you in removing hidden fears and stumbling blocks, paving the way for your soul to reveal itself in its wholeness. Learn techniques to get to know the soul persons with whom you are communicating, how those relationships will feel, and what you’ll experience through connection to souls. Join us as we provide this important preparation for the next level of skill development.