M3 – Mediumship and the Soul – Connecting with your soul

Level: Intermediate – registrants should have at least a basic understanding of Mediumship through self- study or previous learning but should still be in the beginning stages of learning

“What is my purpose?!” One of the most common life questions, but seldom answered or understood!

If you have asked yourself this question, this seminar is designed for you. You CAN learn to open yourself to a higher level of consciousness, discover your mediumistic potential and understand the purpose of your soul while you’re here on earth. We’ll help you discover and get to know your own soul and find ways to unveil your true inner self and learn to identify psychological restrictions – maybe created by you – that have become barriers to realizing your full potential. Learn how meditation will enhance your journey and find the methods that are most effective for you. Participants will learn exercises using the power of emotions and affirmations to increase connection with the self and learn to be one with the universe. If feelings of being unfulfilled or disconnected from your soul have limited your journey, we can help you learn how to identify your inner strength and blend your own soul’s energy with the energy of the Spirit World to lead more authentic life, discover your soul’s purpose and live it. –