M2 – Experimenting with Mediumship – Trying it On!

Level: Beginning Mediumship

Have you felt a calling toward mediumship, but aren’t sure if it’s you? Just like buying new clothes, developing mediumistic qualities requires a first step – Trying it On. There is no other way to know if Mediumship is a fit for you!

This seminar is all about lighting the spark within you. We will assist you in identifying your psychic abilities, uncovering mediumistic qualities and determining if Mediumship is one of your gifts. Learn to identify Spirit energy, the difference between psychic information and true Spirit connection, and the first steps in connecting with Spirit. Through guided activities, participants will learn strategies to identify and enhance psychic abilities, meet the inner self (soul), and the role of meditation in increasing ability in working with Spirit. Individual and group exercises will assist you in moving forward beyond your current level of development to learn if you are a Medium and how to identify your individual mediumistic qualities.