Mediumship Track

The Mediumship Track is designed to introduce, explore, and encourage spiritual and mediumistic development and enrichment to students of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

This set of eight weekend seminars in mediumship is taught by world renowned psychic medium Loriann. The course will help you explore your own unique potential, discover where your intuitive strengths are and assist you in the unfoldment of your personal development journey.

You may have strong mediumship potential if you experience any of the following:

  • High anxiety
  • Intuitive feelings about people or situations (psychic ability)
  • Seeing repetitive objects or experience repetitive events (i.e. license plate numbers, different people mentioning the same obscure thing, “running into” signs or symbols that hold meaning for you, etc.)
  • Having a feeling of knowing that someone is near (although you cannot see the person)
  • Seeing what you think look like orbs or shadow people (dark or light) or other apparitions
  • Becoming highly sensitive in large crowds and having “overactive senses” or other unique experiences that those around you do not share

Mediumship Course Description

Through the Mediumship Track, you will be empowered and encouraged to find your natural gifts and will learn a variety of strategies to assist you in stimulating and enhancing your ability to communicate with the world of the spirit. Throughout this journey, you will experience a sense of wonderment and an understanding of your own power as well as the power of spirit that works with us. We invite you to join us to explore your own path of discovery and enhance your abilities, at whatever stage your development may be. Your mind will awaken to infinite possibilities.