Gifted Kids’ Classes

For kids who might be described as: gifted, highly sensitive, artistic, high energy, innovative, highly creative, deep thinkers, overly emotional, a “round peg in a square hole,” or similar.

Especially for kids who experience the world around them differently or intuitively. This course is designed to assist young learners to appreciate, embrace and use their gifts and talents as they navigate through the world around them. Participants will develop awareness of their gifts and an understanding that they are natural and normal to have within a safe and welcoming social environment. Students will meet like-minded peers and participate in a variety of group and individual activities to strengthen social interaction and experience acceptance. Age-appropriate activities designed to meet the needs of individual learners will encourage participants to express creativity, identify and share talents, explore interests, and develop self-worth. Key focus: development of self-esteem, peer acceptance, developing friendships, building confidence, and a feeling of belonging — and not feeling alone.

Gifted Kids Class, Monday 4:30 – 6:00
For kids 6 – 16 years of age
Class limit 20
$30 initial class – to determine interest and appropriateness
Registration thereafter in 4-week blocks — $120
Application, payment and signed Parent Agreement required prior to acceptance.
Parents must be present during class.